Goldwire Announces Candidacy For 6th District School Board

Dr. Alfreda Goldwire is announcing her candidacy for 6th District School Board Representative for the Savannah Chatham County School Board

Dr. Goldwire received a BS degree from Savannah State(College) University in Health, Recreation and Physical Education, a Masters in Education from Cambridge College and a Doctorate in Religious Education from Covington Theological Seminary.

Dr. Goldwire is a retired veteran educator serving a total of 32 years in the field. Prior to 13 plus years as President of Savannah Federation of Teachers Paraprofessionals and other School Related Personnel, Dr. Goldwire served 19 years in the classroom, 13 of which were right here in the Savannah Chatham County at Bartow (Brock Elementary), Gadsden Elementary, and Butler Elementary Schools. Why elect Dr. Alfreda Goldwire? • She is a former educator. • Her children are products of the Savannah Chatham County School System. • She knows the needs of the District. • She is committed to making sure that the POLICIES of the Savannah Chatham County School System are fair, accessible and dedicated to all of the children, employees and parents of the children who attend school each day. • She is committed to putting more resources in the Pre-K-3rd grade to make certain the children have a good foundation before they enter middle school. • She will support Balanced Literacy and Eureka Math curriculums. • She will support ALL students…high achievers as well as those who are struggling. • She is committed to work and collaborate with other Board members for the good of the district and to work with all levels and sectors of the community: listening and engaging in transparent communication that generates respect and cooperation among educators, parents, community leaders and students. • She will support legislation to change the drop out age from 16 to 17.

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