Golden State Warriors Dominate to Become 2017 Champions

Photo by: Nhat V.Meyer
Photo by: Nhat V.Meyer

The Golden State Warriors emerged victorious after Wednesday’s Game Five of the NBA Finals. The Warriors defeated the Cleveland Cavaliers by a score of 129 – 120. With the Warriors being just one game away from the 2017 championship title and having the opportunity to play on their home court, the Cleveland Cavaliers were forced to play with vigorous desperation. Their efforts were not enough to stop the talented roster that the Warriors have accumulated. With an excited crowd roaring behind them, Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant scored a combined 73 points.

It came as no shock that Durant was unanimously named the Finals MVP. He is one of only six players to score more than 30 or more points in every game of a Final’s series. His teammates praised his performance on both offense and defense. His performance was even good enough to outshine fan favorites such as Curry and Lebron James in becoming the MVP.

James is now three for five in Finals appearances. “They are going to be here for a while,” James said , referring to the Warriors in a post game press conference. “Pretty much all of their big-name guys are in their 20’s, and they don’t show any sign of slowing down.” After the celebrations are over and the media coverage has slowed down, several teams will have to rethink their strategy. The Warriors record for the regular season is 67 – 15. With a team like the Warriors, full of talented players in their 20’s, fans, players, coaches and owners have much to look forward to and think about.

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