Golden Hour Film Released


DeVon Moore is a 2020 graduate of Savannah Arts Academy and is currently attending Georgia State University as a Film & Media Major with a Minor in Entrepreneurship. DeVon recently released his fifth film called Golden Hour. An introspective short-documentary on the pride, culture, and inspiration of black culture. The film was shot on Tybee Island as a symbolic expression of seeing sunrises and being unbound in an environment feeling liberated and empowered. DeVon selected a diverse group of young men and women who shared their thoughts, emotions, and experiences. The film was narrated by a local Savannah native, Rap- GameWill, who is a wellknown rapper and activist who takes pride in educating and inspiring our future generations. DeVon spent a tremendous amount of time directing, producing and editing this film to share with our city and the surrounding areas. The film’s quote was derived from Gil-Scott Heron, “ The thing that is going to change people is something that no one will be able to capture on film” You can view Golden Hour now at watch?v=c_ DYHijcy44.

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