God is Still Ahead in 2012

Evangelist Rachel Thomas
Evangelist Rachel Thomas

This, our twenty fifth year of the Unswitchables was the greatest year of the city wide outreach. I am seventy nine years old and I am very grateful to say that I have never missed a day of going out for Jesus. The laborers are few but when God is in charge there is always great success. I am so grateful to God to report to everyone that we reached 18,339 souls for Christ in the city of Savannah and our grand total for twenty five years is now 156,330 (one hundred fifty six thousand, three hundred and thirty). All Glory to God! PRAISE GOD!!! We are soldiers in the Army of the Lord!

You can be a carrier of God to reach the lost by manifesting the presence of God-His will, His sovereignty, His love to help others who are lost, unrighteous and in deep need of Spiritual change. Their souls need to be in order to be ready when our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ come.

The Holy Spirit told me to go to New York City with David Wilkerson who had an outreach team in Brooklyn in 1986. I have a great testimony about it all. After the outreach in all five Burroughs, I saw an Angel on the wing of the airplane as I looked out of the window while flying back home. I heard a clear audible voice from the Angel say to me, “Do the Same in Savannah!” The Holy Spirit told me where to go, who to go to and what to do. I obeyed God and I still Do! He birth this ministry, He named it, and He orchestrated it and all Glory belongs to Him! Hallelujah! Amen!

The name was given to a teenage group of boys, my son’s friends who answered God’s call to have a Bible class in my home in 1982. I distinctly heard a voice as I walked through my hallway at home. It clearly said “Unswitchables” and I wrote it down because I never heard that word before and I knew it was God. Then one year later, God spoke and said to bring all my 2 sons’ friends in my home and to teach them the Word of God, the Bible, and I obeyed. I taught thirty three boys and two girls and God did many wonderful things with and for them. Some are now Preachers, Pastors, and some singers. Some left town went into military service and two I know of died. However, today the Unswitchables are laborers of God who have the essence of determination. A determination that is BORN out of Purpose, knowing that you are gifted for something and this something must be attained.

My purpose made by God is to reach souls in Savannah for His kingdom. It is never enough to rely on natural talent or someone else. You must above all believe in God and His will for the purpose. Face your Goals with faith and Go as if your life depends on it because it is all from God for your life! Planned and purposed by God. We need to go further and the TIME IS NOW! The grain is ripen unto harvest and God wants YOU! Jesus said to do the works that He did. He walked the streets! WAKE UP! Do you have commission or omission?

I am led to speak to the Born Again Believers now – are you receiving a commission to win or reach souls for Christ? Churches, do you have an outreach team for the streets? Are you out of commission? Are you thinking commission vs. omission, the act of leaving out of failing to do as Jesus Himself commissioned us to do as His followers? We must get the message to the city of Savannah; there are so, so many who are hungry for the True Gospel. The Word, God gave to me “Unswitchable” means to switch onto Jesus and Never switch off! We are neither a building nor a denomination. We are not trying to catch up with any other ministry and we are NOT stopping. God is telling me now to get Churches started in forming church teams for outreach and if you need help on any teachings that God opened to me from the New York City’s outreach, just call me and God will open a way for you to get started. Your church, two churches together, but we must do this kingdom work for the Glory of God in Jesus name! We cannot stop; it will go on until Jesus comes! We cannot delay. We must obey the call of Christ! Thanks to all our walkers, preachers and musicians who help this 2012. Thanks to all who participated and God bless you always.

Sincerely in Christ, Evangelist Minister Rachel Thomas, REP Representative of Eternal Purpose Mama Rachel Thomas God Bless!

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