God Is…

Rachel Thomas
Rachel Thomas

All who have ears to hear – Hear what thus says the Lord God Almighty – I AM coming soon, and you must also be ready to return with me. I AM coming and ye know not the day nor the hour, but I AM coming!

Get your house in order for I am coming only for my own. As I told Nicodemus, you must be born again in order to enter into my kingdom- but now, you have a work to do when you follow the Christ – you should be about your

Father’s business and follow Jesus, to do the work that he did. His yolk is easy, and His burden is light. IT IS TIME

NOW!! Do the work to reach souls for my kingdom! Those who have ears to hear, HEAR what the Master is saying – work, reach, gather in the harvest. I am coming sooner than you think –

Get your house in order.

Those who Believe will be received and I lie not. Awake and do the work of reaching souls for my kingdom. Do not wait; Do not hesitate The time is NOW! Do the work that I did, and the greater works because I say so. I AM the Lord God of Abraham, of Isaac, and of Jacob SELAH Amen, Amen and Amen! says God. Work while it is yet still day for night is coming when no man can work and I will Bless you for your labor. I AM the LORD your God. SELAH, Amen.

Prophetess Mama Rachel Thomas

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