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Austin Webster and Darrell Thompson
Austin Webster and Darrell Thompson

A new development in the music industry is inviting tune-lovers to go Deepr®.

Deepr® is a Black-owned, Atlanta-based tech start-up that has developed a music discovery app for consumers as a part of a product suite platform for creators, the music industry, and the film and television industry.

Co-founders Austin Webster- a graduate of the Savannah College of Art & Design, with 14 years practical experience in the fields of industrial design and product/software development- and former Motown Records Business and Legal Affairs Executive Darrell Thompson partner on the recent development that began with a consumer’s frustration. 

“This started off as an app to solve a problem for music fans. Not only were we solving a problem for the music fans, but we were also solving the problems for the creators because people don’t often know the writers, the engineers, and people that master the songs,” said Webster.  

Webster said that the idea to start the app sparked one day after he was listening to music on his way home from work and a song that he enjoyed but did not recognize began playing from his phone. The self-proclaimed music head said that he began to research the song and during his research he found that two of his favorite producers worked on the song together. 

“Now the interesting thing is that I had no idea that 2 of my favorite producers had worked on a song together and it was a no-brainer to me why I liked the song. So I was like okay now that I made this discovery on Wikipedia and Google what else have they done? And I spent probably 30 or 40 minutes looking up their catalogs together and found about 6 or 7 songs that they had worked on so I put those songs together,” Webster said. 

I made a playlist on Apple Music, and when it was all said and done it was almost like an hour and 30 minutes. I was like ‘Wow this took a long time.’ I can get any song I want in seconds but if I want to make a playlist based on the people behind the music and their collaborations that took hours of time. I told myself that’s a problem and that’s design-solving problems.”

The co-owners are raising $1.7 million to develop and expand Deepr’s product suite further than the currently available app for iOS and Android devices. Deepr® has received pre-seed funding of $100,000 from the SCADpro fund as well as $50,000 from Google for Startups Black Founders Fund. 

“That funding is helping us build the team to solve the bigger music data problem. It’s very tedious, it’s very challenging if you will, but if it was easy everyone would be doing it.”

Webster says that he already feels successful in his endeavors as he’s come a long way from just an idea. 

“We still have a long way to go but I try to be thankful for every opportunity in the moment that I’m in and when I look back to when the idea first came to me— and I remember those days vividly— there’s no way that I could imagine that I would be at this point that I am now and that just gives me hope that in 2 or 3 more years I’ll be at a place that I wouldn’t have imagined then.”

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