Get Serious About Quitting


Smoking, that is. Smoking cigarettes is one of the worst of the common bad habits we have, and the worst for preventable health hazards and unnecessary early death.

Some folk I know, who enjoy smoking say they can quit anytime they want, deny that they are addicted, and later find that quitting is more difficult than they thought.

Scientists estimate that cigarettes are more addictive than cocaine, heroin, or alcohol, because not only of the nicotine, but also the 101 other chemicals added to make it even more addictive than the nicotine is alone.

People smoke for various reasons, to manage stress, relax, enjoy the company of other smokers on breaks, after a meal and with coffee and dessert, or the nicotine rush.

Kids think it’s ‘cool’ and in reality smoking is a very social activity. Advertising and peer pressure also adds to the desire to start smoking, and then, the addictive quality kicks-in.

How to quit is the question asked when we make up our minds to quit.

But, making up one’s mind is the secret to how to quit.

Make up your mind: tell yourself ‘I can do this’. The mind is stronger than the body. And once we make the mind, the body can follow. Taking responsibility for our actions, everyday, will chip away at the grip an addiction has on us.

Make a list of your reasons to quit. Spend some time, maybe a couple of days making the list. Make it as long as it needs to be and as inclusive as you can. Then set aside some time to study the list.

B6, B12, Potassium, Magnesium all perfectly packaged into the banana, has been shown to help level the withdrawal effects and help manage the stressfulness of the quiting stage. Save the money you’re not buying cigarettes with to give yourself a treat.

Music, massage, a new purse, hair or nail treatment. Something you might otherwise skip. But, you’ve been so good, you deserve to treat yourself in a special way.

This money can add up quickly, cigarettes are expensive, and so a trip might be the ultimate gift after two or three months of ” I am free, I’m free, I’m free”.

In the end, you will be so happy you quit, you won’t smell like an ash tray, your fingernails will be beautiful, your heart will be stronger, your lungs will take in more oxygen, your brain cells will spark new ideas, and food will taste better.

You’ll become more beautiful as new skin and hair grows in and you will be stunning in your new wardrobe, after that relaxing trip.

But most important, you’ll reduce your risk of early death.

Every thing begins with the decision to change.

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