Georgia State to Match REACH Scholarship

Gov. Nathan Deal announced that Georgia State University will match funds for Georgia’s new needs-based REACH Scholarship program. The privately funded REACH Scholarship will be awarded to any REACH Scholar throughout the state that is accepted and enrolls in the institution. Georgia State joins Georgia Tech and the University of Georgia in this partnership.

The REACH (Realizing Educational Achievement Can Happen) Scholarship, which was announced earlier this month, selects candidates in middle school who then sign a contract requiring they maintain a certain grade point average, abstain from drug, criminal, and behavior related issues and to meet with a volunteer mentor throughout their academic career until high school graduation. Their parents or guardians will sign a contract indicating they will support their student throughout their education. Students that meet the REACH Scholarship requirements will receive a renewable award of $2,500 to be used at any HOPE-eligible institution.

The REACH Scholarship will help cover the average gap between other needs-based scholarships, such as Pell, and the full cost of attendance. G

More information on the REACH Scholarship program is available at

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