Georgia Pre-K Week Celebrated

Representative Edward “Mickey” Stephens reads to the children at Wright’s Child Care
Representative Edward “Mickey” Stephens reads to the children at Wright’s Child Care

The teachers, children, and parents of Wright’s Child Care are delighted for those who could visit our classroom in celebration of Georgia Pre-K Week between October 2-6, 2017 to share your favorite children’s books and experience the quality early learning that happens at our center thanks to Georgia’s Pre-K Program. As a valued member of the community, we emphasize the value of quality early learning to help raise awareness of our program.

We would like to formally thank Representative Edward “Mickey” Stephens and Mr. Grimes (Georgia Power) for coming to our classroom and reading to our children. The children were overjoyed to have you two in the classroom with them.

Fundamentally, all Georgians deserve a quality education and Georgia’s Pre-K Program is a stepping stone for our youngest learners to gain the quality education that we all agree they deserve. This year marks the 25th birthday of Georgia’s Pre-K Program which has educated approximately

1.6 million of Georgia’s youth since it started in 1992.

We know that the investment Georgia has made in quality early education has paid off. Research shows that every $1 invested in high quality early education saves up to $8.60 down the road as a result of lower demand for social services, reduced crime rates, and increased tax revenues, making quality early learning essential to our children and all of Georgia.

If interested, please call us at 912-233- 4306 and ask for Ruth Wright to set up a day and time for your visit.

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