“From Prison to Prosperity Re-Entering Society After Prison

Persons who spend time in prison and are thus detached from society are subjected to many obstacles upon their release. They maybe free from the regiments of prison life, but still find themselves shackled in many ways.

The Women At The Table invites the public to join them August 16th for their next free monthly panel discussion. This dynamic discussion will focus on previously incarcerated individuals who will be the special guests. The discussion will include some details of the time the individuals spent in the penal system, but most importantly, the discussion will focus on how these returning citizens overcame the obstacles they faced after being released. The discussion which is sure to educate and motivate will be of particular interest to previously incarcerated persons as well as their friends and family. The new location for The Women At The Table is in the Executive Court Building at 5105 Paulsen Street between 67th and 68th Streets on the 2nd floor Suite 225D from 6:00pm- 7:30pm. Please try to arrive by 5:45pm. We hope you will join us Sunday, August 16, 2015.

The Women At The Table panelist include Estelle Mannion, founder, Dr. Maxine Bryant, Dr. Ann Linton and Barbara Kim Hebron is produced by Stellar Productions Advertising and sponsored by Hollingsworth Auto Service. For more information call: 912-441-6813.

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