Frogs Club Celebrates 80th Anniversary

Members of The Frogs Club, Inc.
Members of The Frogs Club, Inc.
On Saturday, January 20, 2018, The Frogs, Inc. celebrated the organization’s 80th Anniversary with an elegant and festive dinner and dance at the Savannah

International Trade and Convention Center.

Charles McMillan delivered the welcome and Randolph Gunter introduced the members and their special guests. Joseph H. Silver brought the invocation and the blessing of the food. Leonard D. Law led the recognition of the Emeritus Member Raleigh A. Bryant, Jr.

During the event, the Frogs serenaded their sweethearts and guests with the Frogs Song.

The Frogs, Inc. was organized on January 23, 1938, at the home of the late Julove Frazier to foster social enjoyment and comradery for its members and guests. The organization stemmed from the dreams of Mr. Frazier who devoted his untiring efforts towards its formation. Among the young men who met with Frazier to organize the Frogs were Frank L. Curley, Jr., Zachary Cade, Bowles C. Ford, William A. Hagins, Albert W. Jackson, Jr., Edward B. Law, John H. Law, Leonard D. Law, Sr., E. Van Porter and Augustus C. Sharpe.

Frog Club, Inc. Recognizes Emeritus Member Raleigh Bryant, Jr. and wife
Frog Club, Inc. Recognizes Emeritus Member Raleigh Bryant, Jr. and wife
During the organizing meeting, the members sought a name for the Club. Several names were considered, including those associated with domestic animals and members of the wildlife kingdom. However, it was the unanimous decision of the group to name the organization after an amphibian, the frog, because of its many developmental phases which the founders felt are paralleled by man, from youth to manhood. The first elected officers of The Frogs’ Inc. were: Bowles C. Ford, President; Frank L. Curley, Vice President; Julove Frazier, Treasurer; and William A. Hagins, Secretary. Green and white were selected as the club colors. The membership chose as its motto, “Never to be Led, But Always to Lead.”

Although the organization holds a life membership in the NAACP and its members have provided leadership and support for numerous charitable, religious, civic, educational and business organizations, The Frogs, Inc. has remained primarily a social organization. The club’s Christmas dinner-dance is considered one of the most enjoyable social events held in Savannah. Its social affairs have also included spring picnics, summer boat rides and installation celebrations for newly elected officers.

Music for the 80th Anniversary was provided by The Sounds Unlimited Band of Augusta, Ga.

Currently, the members of The Frogs’ Inc. are: E. Bruce Adams, James F. Bass, Jr., Raleigh A Bryant, Jr. (Emeritus Member), LeRoy Burke, III, Terry Enoch, Fred D. Foster, Wayne E. Grimes, Randolph S. Gunter, Ben Herron, Prince A. Jackson, III, John W. Jamerson, III, Robert E. James, Clevon Johnson, Lester B. Johnson, III, Michael A. Kaigler, Leonard D. Law, Jr., Albert Lipsey, William L. D. Lyght, Jr., Charles F. McMillan, Roscoe W. Riley, Joseph H. Silver,

Sr., Walter B. Simmons, Sr., Israel G. Small, David M. Sneed, Ray Truitt, and Stacey Watson.

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  1. Ms. Milton, Kidos for the excellent coverage of the Frogs Club, Inc. 80th Anniversary. Thanks for all you and the Tribune do to help tell our story. Peace.

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