Friends of the Kiah Museum Celebrates Annual Day of Remembrance “Art is in Every Thing”

Savannah State University students and others joined the CFSAADMC Friends of the Kiah Museum on the morning of September 30, 2017 to start the Day of Remembrance with the Post Hurricane Irma Cleanup at the former residence and museum of Dr. and Mrs. Calvin L. Kiah. The Friends were grateful that Hurricane Irma had been reduced to a tropical storm by the time it reached Savannah and the two hurricanes that followed were not a threat to the city and the property we were trying to protect. However, when a building is in the declining state that the Kiah Museum is in, wind and rain has become its enemy. In addition to tree limbs, loose boards and pieces of the roof and chimney littered the porch and grounds. Many have forgotten what a gem this museum was to Savannah, but far more have never heard of Savannah State College Dean of Education Dr. Calvin Kiah or his wife Virginia Jackson Kiah, a portrait artist. If you travel down Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd toward the Visitor Center you will see a SCAD building named in honor of Mrs. Kiah, while the once beautiful home and museum that this couple named the Kiah Museum is slowly deteriorating. All participating in the cleanup were asked the question “Now That You Know, What Will You Do? One student said “Now that I know I plan to continue to contribute. Rather it be money or physically being here and helping clean, I want to be a part of the restoration.” Attorney Ron Christopher of Span the Gap an organization fighting to rename the Talmadge Bridge, after putting on his gloves and rolling up his sleeves to help with the cleanup served as moderator for the neighborhood Block Party and Folk Seminar held at the Moses Jackson Golden Age Center that afternoon.

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