Fred Wilson to be Honored at SCAD’s Art Showcase

Fred Wilson
Fred Wilson

The Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) announces the expanded list of exhibitions and programming for the third edition of deFINE ART, the university’s annual fine arts showcase, taking place February 21-25, 2012 at SCAD locations in Savannah, Atlanta, Hong Kong, and Lacoste, France.

For deFINE ART 2012, honoree Fred Wilson presents Life’s Link, a new project that draws inspiration from collector Dr. Walter O. Evans and his namesake collection at the SCAD Museum of Art, the structural pedigree of the SCAD Museum of Art, and the history of Savannah. Life’s Link is Wilson’s latest institutional intervention, and marks Wilson’s first time to work with the private collection of an individual with whom he has become intimately acquainted during the exhibition research process.

For his SCAD Museum of Art exhibition, Wilson uses artworks from the museum’s Walter O. Evans Collection of African American Art, Dr. Evan’s personal collection, and source materials from several historical institutions in Savannah in order to encourage viewers and venues to recognize that changes in context can affect significant changes in meaning.

Intrigued by the letters and correspondence between friends, family and adversaries of very public personas, Wilson uses personal documents to reveal surprising and nuanced dimensions of their personalities. The artist’s installation focuses on bricks as physical objects and a point of departure in order to highlight the relationships between Savannah’s history and the roles of African Americans within this history as well as ideas of memory, art and the museum space itself. Wilson’s reference to bricks serves as a visual metaphor for foundation building, labor, protection, revolt and boundaries, while also linking these aspects with his experience in Savannah and his work with the art and rare historical documents of the Evans Collection.

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