Frank Callen Alumni 12th Annual Meritorious Awards Luncheon

Walter B. Simmons
Walter B. Simmons

The Frank Callen Boys and Girls Club Alumni and Friends Association will have their 12th Annual Meritorious Service Awards Luncheon on Saturday, February 21, 2015. This is the time when the Club’s Alumni recognize and honor individuals and organizations that have contributed significantly to the growth, development and sustenance of our club.

Honorees for 2015 are volunteer coaches Bernell Clarke and James Mack for football, Earl Coxon baseball and Hobby Shop Director, Mrs. Gloria Green. For sustaining significant financial support and other services, we recognize Melvin Williams as well as ILA Local 14141. Members of the Club’s baseball team, that were runner-ups in the Georgia State 2014 Tournament and their coaches, will also, be recognized and honored.

Ms. Dawn Baker of WTOC has graciously agreed to emcee our program and Spencer White will render selections.

Mrs. Karen Datts, a long time faithful and loyal supporter, will be installed as president. This will mark the first time that a female has headed the organization. This slate of officers for 2015 will be presented and installed by a local judge. Come and meet and greet your new officers. For further, information, please contact Elder Rouse at 912.844.1865 or commissioner James Holmes at 912.238.3796. The affair will held in the Eden Room of the Temple of Glory Community Church beginning 11:30am. You participation and support will be much appreciated.

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