Forsyth Park

Evang. Rachel Thomas
Evang. Rachel Thomas

Thursday morning at 9:00 a.m., my son, Anthony wanted me to go walking with him at Forsyth Park. He took my husband’s walker so that I could sit when I needed. I walked from the parking lot by the tennis courts to the middle where the tall statues are. I sat down finally after sitting at two other benches before I got there. God had me to sit in the middle and everyone had to walk, run or ride their bikes around me. I sat there about an hour. I had my cap on that said, “Jesus Is My Boss,” and everyone spoke to me. They stopped and carried on conversations with me and I asked where they were from since they were taking pictures of the statues. Some were from Tennessee, Oregon, Germany, China, Illinois and other places. One couple took my picture and showed it to me from their camera. The camera could enlarge the picture and I was amazed. We exchanged names and said they would remember my name and keep the picture because they loved the park and how beautiful it was. When they asked where I was from. I told them I was born in Savannah and they said Savannah was a beautiful city. I told them that Savannah was the first capital of Georgia and then it was Atlanta. Most people don’t know that history. I explained and we wished each other a blessed day. It was quite an experience just sitting in one spot. “WOW!! God is a Great God to have led me here,” I thought.

My son then showed up to take me home after walking three times around the park. I remembered I use to walk all the time. But one day I walked from the back of Clovendale around Forsyth Park three times and back home. When I returned, I had shortness of breath and I call my sister. She said, “Call an ambulance and go to the hospital, now! “ I said I had to pray first and hung up. My husband walked into the house and said, “You look funny.” “Come; let’s go to the emergency room.” Right then, I was led by the Holy Spirit to get a cassette tape. I listened to Bo Williams on the way to the hospital. My husband said,” How can you sing going to the hospital?”

But I could not say how or why, but I had peace in my heart. That was the time that I died on the operation table in the emergency room. Now if you desire to hear the rest of this miracle and other miracles that I have had by the Grace and Mercy of God, call me and I will share with you or maybe speak at an occasion at your church. I would be happy to come and testify for the Glory of God! God Bless You, Mama Rachel Thomas 912-234-3107

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