Former Record Label Exec Launches Atlanta-Based, Black-Owned Music Streaming Start-up Deepr®

Former Motown Records Business and Legal Affairs Executive Darrell Thompson is shaking up the music tech industry as Co-Founder & COO of the music data company, Deepr®. It is a Blackowned, Atlanta-based tech start-up that has developed a music discovery app for consumers and a data insights platform for creators, the music industry, and the film and television industry.

Like Shazam, the Deepr® app utilizes audio recognition and manual search inputs to provide everything you could know about who was involved in making the songs you enjoy. If you’ve ever been curious to know why that song on the radio sounds so familiar or if you’re an artist looking to find the best background vocalists or musicians to help you take your song to the next level, then Deepr® is your answer. The app shares the full interactive credit data behind the music: listing songwriters, producers, featured artists, background singers, samples, etc. A consumer can quickly go deeper and click on any of the creator’s names and direct Deepr® to generate a playlist in seconds based on their selections. Apple Music, Spotify Premium, and YouTube users can quickly sync their accounts to explore their discoveries with Deepr’s simple, clean, and user-friendly interface.

Darrell Thompson says, “As a Co-Founder of Deepr, I am most excited about seeing the underrepresented creators behind the songs that we all listen to get the notoriety they deserve. And, I know that we have something of value when I watch the reaction of a first time user of the app go “Wow! I never knew…..” While the app is geared for consumers, it’s the back-end data analytics that is valuable to the music industry and beyond.

Now more than ever, data is king to predict tomorrow’s hits. Deepr’s SaaS product offers businesses like record labels and film and television music supervisors the insights into why one song became a top-charting hit, while another didn’t. Deepr® has found common ground between providing a space for consumers to make music discoveries and curating a data-driven insights product.

Recently, Deepr’s founders were able to secure $50,000 in funding from the Google For Startups Black Founders Fund. The funds will be managed and distributed by Atlanta-based organization Goodie Nation, which facilitates opportunities for diverse founders and entrepreneurs. Thanks to a large number of Black tech startups in Atlanta, Georgia has the most recipients among states, including Deepr.

Initially, the startup raised over $300k in preseed funding and is seeking $1.7m to spur further growth. With Thompson’s 30 years of experience in the music industry with past and current clients, including the likes of Jay Z, The Black Eyed Peas, En Vogue, and The Clark Sisters, Deepr® is well-positioned for success.

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