For Those In Need

For those in need of breakthrough, deliverance, or inner healing:
Krystle Kai Pate
Krystle Kai Pate

Dear God,

You died so that I could live, thank you. You sent the Holy Spirit so that I would have comfort and guidance as I walk. You formed me with a plan and purpose in mind, I was never a mistake. You gave me talents to edify your kingdom and bring you glory, thank you. I choose to follow you. I lay at your feet every weight. I ask you to invade my space. I ask you to reveal your truth in me. Revive me, transform me, teach me how to walk stable, unbothered by the tricks of the enemy. I desire to make you happy. I desire to live in your peace. Renew my mind and heal my heart. I want to respond differently, continue to change me. Continue to heal, free, and move me into position. I desire to serve you. Have your way in my life. I will no longer fear making mistakes, because I trust your hand will even be in that. I ask that you make clear my path and confirm the direction so that my flesh will not have room to get in the way. I will believe what you say for you are my father. This body is your temple. Kick out all illegal residence. Let me understand the nature of your presence. Reconstruct my mind to not figure out how you move, and just trust that you move. God I understand that I am not God. I surrender all my “God-like” attitudes, thoughts, and ways. Remove pride, envy, jealousy, anger, and hurt. Jesus I ask that you reveal what is hiding. I trust you with my secrets. I know you can understand my pain. Snatch out what is not like you. Painful or not I trust in your healing hand. You can restore the broken. You can make new the battered. You can find what’s missing. Please don’t leave me alone in my troubles but rescue me from me. I can be weak and unsure, doubtful and full of fear, but I trade all of that for your Words of promise, purpose, and love. I declare I will move by faith. I do not expect everyone to understand, but I do expect my father to give peace in the decisions made by Him. In Jesus name, Amen.

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