Food Finder GA

Teachers, parents, and students should be aware that there is a Georgia-developed resource available to connect food-insecure children – and adults trying to help – with food resources.

Food Finder GA, a web app developed by Peachtree Ridge High School graduate Jack Griffin, uses geo-targeting to direct users to the free food resource closest to their home, school, or current location. It was built initially for Gwinnett County students, but expanded in the fall of 2015 to serve all food-insecure students in the state of Georgia, through a network of more than 1,000 resource providers.

Griffin said the inspiration for the project came as he was looking for an opportunity to volunteer in his community.

“I focused on hunger specifically because it seemed like the most pressing and fundamental need that had to be addressed for impoverished children,” he said. “However, I discovered that the search process was much more difficult than I thought. I was just looking to help out somewhere, but the kids who actually need the aid should be able to access this information much more quickly.

You can get the app at

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