Florrie Scriven Honored And Humbled At Georgia’s State Capital

Sister Florrie Scriven receiving recognition from GA Sen. Lester Jackson and Governor Nathan Deal.
Sister Florrie Scriven receiving recognition from GA Sen. Lester Jackson and Governor Nathan Deal.

The Berean Missionary Baptist Association, Inc. held its 114th Session on Oct. 17– 19, 2014, at Tremont Temple Missionary Baptist Church, Rev. Quentin Morris, pastor. The Berean Session began with an awesome Holy Spirit filled musical on Thursday night by Tremont Temple Church choir, and the wonderful surprise of several of the pastors of the Association leading a song. The evening and throughout the Berean Session was also an acknowledgement of the great work and the victorious success of Sis. Scriven, who for the past twenty years, lead and served as the President of the Women’s Auxiliary of the Association.

Sis. Scriven was honored and bestowed the title of President Emeriti of the Women’s Auxiliary of the Berean Association. Sis. Scriven received inspiring words of congratulations, love and gratitude from District 5 Alderman, Dr. Estella Shabazz, who attended the Berean Session on Thursday evening. Alderman Shabazz thanked Sis. Scriven for her charitable and relentless services rendered locally, nationally and internationally. Moderator Williams of the Berean Association announced that Senator Dr. Lester Jackson of the 2nd District also sent a proclamation of recognition and declaration of the great works of Sis. Scriven. Moderator Williams informed Sis. Scriven and all Berean Session attendees that she was invited to come to the Georgia Capital at the request of Senator Jackson to receive special recognition from Governor Nathan Deal.

There is a true saying, “when you give of your best to the Lord and His people, the best comes back to you. Immediately, following Thursday’s musical, there was a gala reception and rewards of golden crystal plaques given to Sis. Scriven and all of the officers who served with Sis. Scriven, namely, Sis. Annette Warren, 1st Vice President, Sis. Thomasina White, secretary and Sis. Janie B. Bowers, financial treasurer. And we say, “To God be the glory”.

Sis. Scriven delivered her final President’s Message on Saturday during the Berean’s women Session, and afterwards, she was once again, magnificently blessed with many gifts of love and expressions from her beloved sisters and brothers. Then on Nov. 21st, the sisterhood sponsored a stately luncheon for Sis. Scriven at the beautiful and decorative L. S. Stell banquet room.

Lastly, but not least, Sis. Scriven journeyed to the State Capitol on Jan. 28, 2015, along with Moderator Williams, her pastor, Rev. Guy Hodge, and several family members and friends. She was received by Senator Jackson, Sect. of State, Brian Kemp, Lt. Governor, Casey Cagle, and Gov. Nathan Deal. Sis. Scriven received from the Governor a medallion of Georgia seal and a prestigious proclamation of recognition as a Georgia Outstanding Citizen for her dedication and mission ministries. This experience was so very exhilarating, humbling and historic for all who attended.

Sis. Scriven expresses her deep appreciation and words of gratitude: “How can I say thanks to so many outstanding brothers and sisters who have shown their overwhelming love and support down through the years in so many special ways! Your tremendous acts of love and support have gone beyond my wildest imagination. Therefore, my mere words of thanks seem so inadequate to express my appreciation and gratitude to many of my brothers and sisters, who have demonstrated their love, not only in words, but also in caring deeds. My prayer is that God, through Jesus Christ, will bestow His richest blessings upon each and everyone of you”.

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