FLAG Spoken Word Competition


The foreign language association of Georgia or FLAG is the official organization for foreign languages in Georgia. This non-profit is an association of instructors and administrators to teach and promote cultural understanding. It’s basic goal is to improve and foster the teaching of foreign language and cultures. It is led by an all volunteer board. FLAG on March 21, 2015 held a spoken language completion for middle and high school students at Islands High School. To enter this competition students paid an entrance fee and were registered by their language teacher. Of the language available were French, Spanish, Portuguese, Latin, and many others. For this competition students of different language levels were asked to test their fluency by speaking with an instructor for an arctic amount of time depending on level of classes.

A few students from the French department of St. Vincent’s Academy participated. The participants were Alex Mason, Agnes Coppage, Kaitlin Sells, and Aliyah Dorsey. Miss Dorsey and Miss Mason are both French I students who were asked to hold a conversation on French for eight minutes. Miss Coppage and Miss Sells are French II students who had to have their conversations for eight minutes. These girls all did exceptionally well as they made Excellence and Notable status in the competition. Their instructor Mrs. Charlot was very proud of the girls as she noted that she hasn’t had students in this competition in a few years. The girls received certificates as well as ribbons for their efforts.

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