Fixing Democracy Must Start With Moral Leaders

This is a reprint from the AJC By Rev. Gregory Eason Sr.
Rev. Dr. Gregory V. Eason, Sr., Atlanta, Georgia
Rev. Dr. Gregory V. Eason, Sr., Atlanta, Georgia

Dante said, “The hottest places in Hell are reserved for those who in time of moral crisis preserve their neutrality.” We are at a crisis point in the history of our nation. It is a sad reality that religious, political, educational, and business leaders are remaining silent to the misrepresentation of the truth by the president. It is obvious that the president lost the election. Truth is a virtue in all major religions and in the preamble of civilized nations. How can moral leaders remain silent after the insurrection that took place at the US Capital on January 6, 2021? The soul of our nation is at stake. No matter what our political affiliation, this unjust behavior must not pass without prophetic rebuke. The time to begin the repair of our fragile democracy starts in the hearts of moral leaders. We will be judged by history for our silence or our prophetic utterance in this time of moral crisis.

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