First Annual Black Business Expo


Last Wednesday, May 8, the Black Empowerment Movement Association (B.E.M.A.) hosted a Black Business Expo at the Temple of Glory Cafe to encourage black entrepreneurship and expose community members to local black businesses.

The event hosted 30 vendors including massage therapists, newspapers, jewelry makers, local barber shops and more.

“It’s the coming together of the African American community in terms of economics,” Treasurer of B.E.M.A. Rev. Matthew S. Brown Jr. said.

“It’s about keeping the monies in our community. We spend money all over Savannah, and all over the nation but it’s high time now that we start spending some money in our community and developing our youth and our communities.”

B.E.M.A is a non-profit organization dedicated to developing practical strategies for economic empowerment and financial stability.

For the expo scheduled for June 12, 2019, Brown hopes to expand the amount and variety of the businesses at the expo. He wants to include more doctors, dentists and other professionals.


One of the vendors was Nadia Meyers, a licensed massage therapist and owner of Healing Waters Mobile Massage.

Meyers said one of the benefits of being at the expo was “getting to reach the people that really need the help…most of the people here are in some type of service and they usually don’t have the time to get a massage”

There were also door prizes and lunch served for the guests of the expo.


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