Feiler Park, Dittmerville And Hussars Terrace Neighborhood Reunion 2016

Calling all neighbors, back in the days of the villages: Martin Hill, Feiler Park, 52nd-63rd Streets in Feiler Park and across Montgomery Street including Crane and Boyd Streets in our Dittmerville and Hussars Terrace – this is a part of our rich heritage.

We wish to have an informal get together at the Feiler Park Neighborhood Resource Center on the corner of 57th and Meding Streets. We can share old stories and pictures; see couples who met in FP; and have a real fellowship during Labor Day weekend starting at 11am-3 pm.

If interested, please contact by phone or email: Betty Davis Jones bet tyj2@ bel lsouth.net (912) 663-3172, Joyce Perry Breckenridge jpbreck@att.net (912) 748-8617 or Clara Elmore-Bain clarabain@aol.com (912) 604-3724 to help us plan this event. People are leaving daily; we can connect with old and young chums at least one more time.

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