Feed The Hungry 11th Annual MLK Drum Major Awards Held

State Representative Carl Gilliard presents the Drum Major Award to Pat Lieby
State Representative Carl Gilliard presents the Drum Major Award to Pat Lieby

Feed the Hungry held their 11h Annual MLK Drum Major Awards last Saturday, October 3, 2020 at the Memorial Stadium Banquet Room.

The 2020 Honorees included Sheriff John Wilcher, James, Hudson, Sr., Lawrence Bradley, Sr., Theresa Watson, Dr. Arleen Fuller, Anthony Prescott, Julius Royals, Patt Hunn, Mayor Don Bethume, Lonnie Green SFC Retired Bobby Lee Adams, Pat Lieby, Commissioner Bobby Lockett.

It is with great pleasure we announce that TybeeMLK Community Organizer Pat Leiby has been selected as Honoree of the MLK Drum Major Award 2020.

Pat Leiby was selected for her community activism at Savannah Beach this summer. On June 6, 2020, as Community Organizer for TybeeMLK, Pat spearheaded the first Social Justice Peaceful Protest March in Tybee Island’s 133-year history.

Pat refused to use Social Media instead she used phone calls, texts, and word of mouth. Over 150 Residents came with signs, chants, and speakers, they came to express their outrage, anger, grief, and anguish for the unarmed Americans of African descent murdered by the police. The Protesters were seeking justice for the murder of Ahmaud Arbery killed in Brunswick while jogging, the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis who died on camera from a policeman’s knee on his neck, the murder of Breonna Taylor an EMT murdered by police in her own living room, justified by a “No Knock” warrant… the list goes on.

In addition, Pat led TybeeMLK activism with a Black Lives Matter’s Peaceful Protest on June 14, from Tybee’s Walter Parker Pier to Memorial Park.

Proceeds from the event will benefit Feed the Hungry’s Empowerment Center.

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