Faith Leaders United To Support Free & Fair Elections


Faith ministers sent a widespread call to Georgia’s governor and the secretary of state asking for election officials to give them time to count the 2020 ballots from the general election.

In Georgia, for example, it might take through Wednesday, November 4th to get a count because of the two senatorial races, said the Rev. David Key of Lake Oconee Community Church.

Key was one of several ministers, including Rev. Barbara Williams Skinner of the National African American Clergy Network, and Rev. Steve Cothran of Central Baptist Church on a Zoom press conference last Tuesday. They encouraged the voters and the faith-based communities to be patient during the 2020 elections.

More than 1,100 ministers signed a letter from Faith Leaders United, a nonpartisan and nondenominational group, to Gov. Brian Kemp and Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger “to commit to counting all the votes and respecting the result of the election.”

The letter was sent last Thursday.

“We join together as leaders of faith across political, religious, and ideological differences to affirm our commitment to a free, fair, and safe election,’’ the leaders wrote.

The ministers said they recognize voter suppression. Some of them are new to the cause and others say they’ve been advocating for fairness for decades.

Cothran says that voters shouldn’t be fearful about this process. But Williams-Skinner reminded the group that some fear is present, such as policies that allow Black people to be killed by police without consequences.

“As leaders of faith, we have a responsibility to bring people together no matter what our beliefs, no matter what issues we back,’’ said Williams-Skinner. “And, I want to urge all faith leaders to take that calling.”

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