The Near-Sighted Pandemic
Dr. J. A. Parker
Dr. J. A. Parker

What do COVID 19 and near-sighted have in common? According to journals, the number of cases of near-sightedness is increasing nationwide. Studies show that more time is spent at computers now than before the coronavirus. Children are spending more time on a desktop, tablet, phones, or connected to devices playing video games. Adults are also doing the same. Working from home demands more time at the computer checking emails and doing video conference calls. Parents also find it hard to limit their child’s time on a computer when they are on their devices. Environmental factors play a big part in the progression of near-sightedness. Activities such as extensive reading, being on computers, or locking in on near point tasks for long periods of time causes stress on the visual system. Careful observation of these symptoms needs to be evaluated to confirm you are not at risk. Symptoms include blurred vision in the distance, difficulty seeing far away after looking at a phone or computer device for periods of time, headaches after doing near work, getting sleepy while reading, and feeling fatigue.

As the number of cases of COVID-19 continue to rise and fall and since there is no confirmed treatment to prevent this condition, you can prevent falling prey to the near-sightedness pandemic. You can minimize the amount of time you spend on your digital devices. Learn to take more frequent break, get outdoors, and focus on things in the far distance.

Many eye care offices are opening and resuming patient care. It is important for me to inform you how you can prevent contracting COVID-19 by following the guidelines set by the CDC and the state of Georgia. Wash your hands thoroughly and regularly; avoid touching your face, mouth, and eyes. For those who wear glasses or contact lenses, children and adults need to take extra precaution and make sure your hands are clean when you handle your eyewear. The CDC and state laws also recommend wearing a mask and maintain social distancing.

We practice by all the guidelines to maintain our safety and the safety of our patients.

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