EYE CARE” FOR YOU Is Your Child Smart In Everything But School?

J.A. Parker
J.A. Parker

“ As we come near the final semester of this school year, you may have noticed a child who is hav­ing difficulty in school. This child may be good in many other things, but tends to struggle with things related to school. This child may have a learning-related vi­sion problem. 80% of what your child is taught in school is presented to them visually. So, there is no question that good vision is important for learning. If your child is having any symptoms such as these listed below, it may be cor­rected if it is detected early on. A binocular vision and perceptual eye examination can diagnose many visual problems children have. Does your child: Lose concentration when reading? Have difficulty remember­ing what they just read? Have blurry or double vision Have poor hand-writing? Write letters backwards? Have a hyperactive behavior or cannot focus when doing homework (ADD or ADHD) Skips over or repeat words when reading Loses place and uses finger to read

Perform poorly in school Having 20/20 eyesight is important, but that alone is not enough. Good eye movement skills, focusing abilities, hand-eye coordi­nation, good eye teaming skills, and good concentra­tion skills are critically im­portant for learning. Many kids have undetect­ed learning-related vision problems. They do not know how to describe what is going on with their eyes and hence their perfor­mance in school suffers. Teachers also do not recog­nize that the function of a child’s eyes could be a con­tributor to poor performance and attention in school.

If you are a parents or teacher, take the initiative to notice if a child is strug­gling with any of the symp­toms above. Listen to them read; watch their behavior when they read and write (see if they hold books too close, or if they skip words when they read). If you sus­pect there may be problems, have a binocular vision and perceptual eye examination immediately.

Give the child the help they need before the school year is over. It could help them pull their grades up before the end of the school year. I am Board Certified as a specialist in Behavioral Optometry/Vision Thera­py to help detect and man­age learning-related vision problems. I invite you to visit EnVision Eye Care for your child’s learning related eye care needs.

321 W. Montgomery

Crossroads, Savannah

(near Hunter Golf Course and VA Medical Clinic).

For appointments, call (912) 927-0707 and visit us at www.envisionsavannah.com

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