“EYE CARE” For You: Home-Based Computer Vision Therapy

Dr. J. A. Parker
Dr. J. A. Parker

Recently, I wrote about children getting back into school and facing difficulties and challenges that affect a child’s ability to learn. I wrote about vision therapy and the many benefits it has for children with these challenges. Vision therapy involves training the eyes, hands, and ears to coordinate together and allow information to be processed correctly. This, thereby, increases a child’s abilities in learning, sports, and every day attention-to-detail activities.

Both children (and adults) can have attention related disorder that causes difficulty focusing, reading, and learning. For some, in-office therapy is the only option. For others, computer based programs are now available for use at home to help with these difficulties. The programs are geared towards improving handeye coordination, visual memory, visual scanning, and all areas of visual information processing skills. For those with crossed eye or other problems that don’t allow the two eyes to work together, home-based therapy could be an adjunct to a more specific in-office program that should be carefully monitored by a trained vision therapy professional.

Our office provides computerized vision therapy software programs that are monitored by a therapist and guided towards improving the areas of difficulty. The programs can be done at your own pace and allows a sufficient number of sessions necessary to accomplish a goal. For the child who cannot get to the office one hour per week for therapy, the home-based program is convenient since it can be done with minimal assistance from a parent. The exercises are fun and children view them as computer games.

So, parents and teachers, if you have already observed your child (or student) having difficulty with reading, math and other learning skills, do not wait until the end of the school year to try to make a difference. Have a binocular vision and perceptual evaluation first. Then, start addressing your child’s needs using the home- based computer vision therapy programs.

To set up an appointment, contact the office and request a vision therapy evaluation.

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