“EYE CARE” FOR YOU DOC… Do I Have To Be Dilated?

The answer is YES

Dr. Parker
Dr. Parker
If you have ever had an eye examination but never had your eyes dilated, you have not had a thorough eye exam. The eye exam is not complete until the entire eye health has been checked.

Why is it this so important? Your doctor has to assess the inside of your eyes to determine if there is any disease that could lead to blindness.

The procedure to dilate requires eye drops to be placed in each eye. After a few minutes, the black hole (pupil) widens which allows the doctor to have a better view of the inside of the eyes. The internal lining of the eye (retina) is a critical tissue that contributes to your eyesight. The retina is also a part of the eye where diabetes, high blood pressure, macula degeneration, AIDs, and many other medical conditions can have an effect. The retina is carefully assessed by your doctor for holes, tears, or detachments.

Most people dread having their eyes dilated because it leaves you sensitive to bright lights and the near vision is blurred for a few hours. Most times, patients can drive without assistance. However, it is best to have someone designated to drive if you feel uncomfortable after the procedure. Dark shades are provided for you to wear to help with the brightness until the dilation wears off.

Having your eyes dilated is, by far, the most important part of your eye examination. In spite of the side effects or inconveniences, you need to plan for this annually.

Hopefully this article has enlightened you to have a better understanding of the purpose for dilating. Preventing blindness is the goal of every eye exam we perform. If it has been a while since your last exam, or if you do not have an eye care provider, I invite you to visit EnVision Eye Care for your next dilated eye examination.

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