“Eye Care” For You Computer Eyestrain: 10 Steps for Relief

Dr. Parker-Herriott
Dr. Parker-Herriott

In a world of computerized offices, homes, schools, and recreational activities, it is important to know that prolonged use of computers and computerized gadgets can lead to visual complications known as computer vision syndrome (CVS). Studies have shown that 50% to 90% of computer users experience some degree of eyestrain, headaches, double vision, or other symptoms during their work day. These symptoms can lead to decreased productivity at work, home, and school. Knowing how to avoid these symptoms is the key to avoiding this now very common condition. Here are a few steps to help prevent developing Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS): 1.Get a computer eye exam yearly 2.Use proper lighting 3.Minimize glare on the monitor 4.Upgrade your display to a large LCD monitor 5.Adjust the brightness and contrast on your computer screen 6.Blink more often to keep your eyes from becoming dry 7.Exercise your eyes (Rule of 10 8. For every 10 minutes at a computer, take 10 seconds break and look away from the monitor); other eye exercises may also be given 9.Take frequent breaks – get up and move around 10.Modify your workstation so your hands, neck, and back are not strained 11.Wear computer glasses with glare coating(anti-reflective)

Your eye doctor can prescribe specially-designed computer eyewear to give you the best possible vision at your computer screen. Keep in mind that computer glasses are a specific type of eyewear and typically can only be worn when at a computerized device (not for driving).

If you are experiencing any computer vision syndrome symptoms at work, home, or school, you do not have to suffer. If at work, check with your human resources department. They may have policies in place to assist you with what you need to be more productive in the workplace and help to avoid this condition. For students and recreational computer users, address your symptoms specifically with your eye care provider at your next eye exam. If you are in need of an eye care provider, I invite you to visit EnVision Eye Care. I am Dr. Parker-Herriott. 321 W. Montgomery Crossroads, Savannah

(near Hunter Golf Course and VA Medical Clinic). For appointments, call (912)

927-0707 and visit us at www.envisionsavannah.com

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