Glaucoma: It’s What You Don’t See That Could Blind You

As spooky as it sounds, glaucoma is known as the “sneak thief” of sight. It is one of the leading causes of preventable blindness among African Americans and Hispanics. If that sounds “scary” to you, then I have your attention…

Glaucoma is a condition that causes damage to the optic nerve. This is the main nerve in the eye that gives you sight. If there is ever damage to this nerve, you run the risk of having irreversible damage that could lead to permanent blindness.

The only way to know there is damage to the nerve is to have a dilated eye examination. If you have large nerves or high eye pressures, your eye doctor may recommend advanced tests to determine if you have this condition. Remember, early detection and treatment is the key to having good vision and healthy eyes.

If Halloween seems scary to you, glaucoma is just as scary. A routine eye exam can determine if you have any signs of this condition. Most cases of glaucoma can be treated with eye drops. Advanced stages of glaucoma may require surgery. Have your eyes checked…sooner than later!!!

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