Men’s Eye Health
Dr. J. A. Parker
Dr. J. A. Parker

Common eye conditions that men will often ignore are blurred vision, double vision, loss of peripheral vision, lumps on eyelids, and discolorations to the eyes.

Men near the age of 40 or older will experience a gradual decline in their near vision. This natural condition (called presbyopia) results as the lens inside the eyes begin to harden. Focusing on near targets will become increasingly more difficult as time goes by. When things are brought closer, the tendency will be to push it away because it is not clear at a close range. The only way it looks clear is when it is pushed farther away. This is also referred to as the ”short arm syndrome.”

Double vision is something that also can be overlooked; especially if it does not occur all the time. Double vision can result from a neurological cause (such as a stroke) or eye muscles weakening. Double vision can sometimes occur when only looking in certain directions. Early detection will rule out the cause and allow the doctor to determine if eye exercises or surgery is required.

Loss of peripheral vision can easily be unnoticed.

It is easy to identify when we cannot see something directly in front of us (central vision), but it is difficult to notice if something is missing from the sides of us (peripheral) vision. Glaucoma is the leading cause of loss of peripheral vision. Strokes and traumatic brain injuries can also cause peripheral vision loss. Unless checked, one may not notice any side vision loss. To test this, cover one eye, look straight ahead and see how much you can see off to the side.

Lumps and bumps should never be ignored. Any detection of a lump on the eyelids or on the eyes should be checked immediately. Every lump is not a “stye” and careful examination is required to confirm the lesions are benign and do not require removal.

Lastly, discolorations (brown spots or yellowing) of the eyes can be a sign of melanoma or liver dysfunction. When we look in a mirror, it is sometimes difficult to see subtle changes in our own eyes. An annual eye examination will determine if further healthcare is required.

If you are a male or if you are reading this and you know of a male who has complained of any of these problems, call and make an appointment. A comprehensive eye examination not only helps to determine if you need glasses for vision correction, but it allows us to assess your total health by evaluating your eyes.

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