Are You Bothered By Your Digital Devices?
Dr. Parker
Dr. Parker

Did you know that 8 out of 10 people who work are bothered by vision-related fatigue from computers? Symptoms range from fatigue and headaches, to dry eyes and blurred vision. Digital eyestrain and light sensitivity not only affect those in the workplace, but kids also. The average school-aged child spends more than 4 hours a day looking on a digital device— and even more since COVID. Also, in the workplace, more than 6 hours of a day is spent looking at computer screens or digital devices—and even more since COVID. Nowadays, telephones, tablets, and laptops are required every day or almost everyone.

To reduce the eye strain and symptoms experienced from digital devices, glasses can now be made with the latest technology to reduce these symptoms. Digitally made lenses, an- ti-glare coatings, blue-light filter, and specialty coatings are available to reduce over-focusing when at computers and reduces the effects of light sensitivity and blurred vision when looking at a computer screen.

Productivity of a child in school or in the workplace reduces dramatically when visual fatigue symptoms occur. To avoid this, proper lenses, proper lighting, and adequate breaks are recommended. A comprehensive eye exam is also recommended to determine an accurate prescription and confirm you have healthy eyes.

If you are experiencing eye fatigue from your digital devices, our services are recommended to you. No need to suffer or think your eyes are supposed to feel this way. Your headaches and symptoms can go away completely with the right lenses.

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