Learning-Related Vision Problems
Dr. J. A. Parker
Dr. J. A. Parker

80% of what your child is taught in school is presented to them visually. So, there’s no question that good vision is important for learning.

If your child is having difficulty in school, it may be due to a learning related visual problem. A comprehensive eye examination can address many visual problems children may have.

In addition, a behavioral vision evaluation checks to see if other problems exist such as: double vision, loss of place when reading, repeating or omitting words while reading, poor handwriting, hyperactivity, writing letters backwards, loss of concentration, or difficulty changing focus from distance to near and back.

Although having 20/20 eyesight is important, good eye movement skills, focusing abilities, handeye coordination, good eye teaming skills, and good concentration skills are also critical and necessary for learning.

Sometimes, prescribing glasses can help with improving the ability to focus in school. Other times, vision therapy or perceptual therapy is needed to address the other learning related visual problems. Many kids have undetected learning-related vision problems. They do not know how to describe what is going on with their eyes or with their school performance. Therefore, they will often act out or have poor behavior or attention in school.

As parents or teachers, take the initiative to get involved with your child when they are doing homework. Listen to them read; watch their behavior when they are reading and writing (if they hold books too close, or if they skip words when they read, if they use their finger to keep place while reading). If you suspect there may be problems, have the child examined immediately. The longer they go without resolving the problems only causes the performance in school to become worse. Grades will often go down and the child may even not want to read or learn. You could be the one to turn a child’s “POOR” grades into “BETTER” grades. More importantly, you could be the one to cause a child’s ability to learn to improve. We can help. I invite you to visit EnVision Eye Care for your child’s eye care needs.

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