Sunglasses for Kids…, Really?

Children need sunglasses just as much as adults. Although kids are not as interested in wearing them as a fashion accessory like adults are, kids need sunglasses for protection more than adults because they spend more time outdoors in direct sunlight.

Children’s sunglasses are available in a wide variety of styles and sizes. And virtually any children’s frame can be transformed into sunglasses by adding prescription or non-prescription sun lenses. The lenses you choose for your child’s sunglasses must have 100% UV protection. The harmful rays of ultraviolet (UV) radiation can cause damage over time to the skin and the eyes. Limiting how much time your child spends outdoors can reduce the risk of early cataracts and dry eyes.

Polycarbonate lenses are great for kids’ sunglasses because they are lightweight and much more impact-resistant than lenses made of other materials. And they can be tinted to nearly any shade.

Photochromic (Transition) lenses are a good choice for kids who need prescription eyewear. These lenses darken automatically when exposed to the sun’s UV rays, and then quickly return to a clear state indoors – so one pair of eyeglasses does the job of two! They also provide 100% UV protection.

To protect your investment in your child’s sunglasses, a durable hardshell carry case and proper cleaning solution and cloths are recommended.

Kid’s eyes are just as important as adults. UV rays are damaging to both. Preventive measures can be taken early on so that children do not develop eye disease too early in their adult life. An investment you make in their younger years can be a worth-while investment in their latter years.

So the next time you are headed to the beach with the kids, don’t forget the sunscreen for their bodies for sure; but also don’t forget the “sunscreen” for their eyes— sunglasses.

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