Explore Geechee History & Culture In East Liberty County

Rosa Lambright House
Rosa Lambright House

Sankofa is an African word that means Go back and fetch it. “It” is an awareness of family, history, culture, photographs, and memories of sights, taste, touch, smells, and sounds of African American-Geechee people in Liberty County.

The Sankofa Driving Trail will take you to fourteen significant cultural and historical sites in East Liberty County. We hope to encourage more heritage preservation in the first county in America named for “Liberty”. The historical and cultural sites on this driving trail have been selected by Sankofa based on the story, architecture, community relevance, and accessibility. Each may be in varying conditions. However, they represent the dignity, resilience, courage, and perseverance of African American-Geechee people over time.

From the founding of St. John’s Parish in the 1750’s to the American Revolution, and from the Civil War to Civil Rights, East Liberty County contains the richest African American Geechee cultural heritage in Coastal Georgia!

Communities like Freedman Grove, Cay Creek, Holmestown, Trade Hill, Seabrook, Briar Bay, Retreat, and The Grove have embraced progress while managing to maintain those indelible and important connections to the past and Africa. These descendant communities embody ancestral folkways, foodways, language, generational lands and family histories that are interwoven into historic institutions and natural spaces like schools, churches, cemeteries, burial insurance clubs, and fraternal organizations. Kumbaya!

Visit https:// opentour.emory.edu/ georgia-humanities/ sankofa- driving- tour/ ebenezer-presbyteri- an-church-cemetery-d.

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