Exhibition Features Variety of Work by Contemporary Georgia Painters

The Telfair Museum presents Painters’ Reel: Contemporary Painting in Georgia. The exhibit began on February 12 and will go through May 17, 2010, at the Jepson Center. Organized by the Museum of Arts and Sciences in Macon, the exhibition features eleven contemporary Georgia painters from throughout the state. Together, these artists represent a crosssection of Georgia’s vibrant visual art scene.

“As the exhibition title implies, Painters’ Reel: Contemporary Painting in Georgia explores the thematic and stylistic connections shared among a select yet diverse group of Georgia artists who have made significant contributions to the cultural vitality of the state,” said the Telfair’s director of collections and exhibitions, Holly Koons McCullough.

Each of the eleven painters featured in the exhibition was chosen by a peer in a successive process that began with guest curator Corinne Colarusso of Atlanta. Colarusso selected two artists whose work she admired; they, in turn, each nominated a fellow artist, until a group of eleven was assembled.

Painters’ Reel includes the work of guest curator Colarusso along with fellow Atlanta artists Don Cooper and Rocio Rodriguez; Athens-area artists Cheryl Goldsleger, Art Rosenbaum, Scott Belville, and Stefanie Jackson; Augusta artists Philip Morsberger and Tom Nakashima; and Savannah artists Betsy Cain and Marcus Kenney.

The work included in Painters’ Reel demonstrates the impressive breadth of technique, style, and subject matter embraced by contemporary Georgia artists—from arresting landscapes and large-scale abstractions to artful assemblages and expressive figurative compositions. Lush abstractions by Betsy Cain and Rocio Rodriguez are offset by the precise spatial constructions of Cheryl Goldsleger and the mesmerizing concentric forms of Don Cooper, while the dramatic figurative narratives of Art Rosenbaum and Stefanie Jackson serve to counterbalance the vibrant, memory-laden abstractions of Philip Morsberger and provocative assemblages of Marcus Kenney.

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