EPACT Inc.’s 5th Annual “What’s the 411?”


This year’s “What’s The 411?” is a coalition of partners going "All In" for our youth by opening our organizations’ doors to socioeconomic empowerment. This newly formed coalition has committed to assessing its resources and culture and are ready to connect our disconnected youth by getting in the three lanes of engagement that enhance our youth’s…

LIFE SKILLS: Provide youth work-related soft skills, such as communication, presentation skills, time management and teamwork through coursework and/or experience. This includes resume writing, job interview workshops and mentorship programs.
WORK SKILLS: Provide youth insight into the world of work to prepare for employment. This includes job shadow days and corporate internships that can be an important first step in giving youth an opportunity to explore various careers that help them relate their experiences, education and interests to the workplace.
LEARNING AND EARNING OPPORTUNITIES: Provide youth on-thejob skills in a learning environment while earning wages for their work through paid internships and/or permanent positions that provide on-the-job training that connects learning to the context of work.
The day will be filled with free food, entertainment and second-chance opportunities for those needing to connect to the resources that lead to a bright and stable future! Call (912) 484-1994 for more information or visit epact-inc@hotmail.com


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