Entrepreneur & ‘Shark Tank’ Alum Disrupting The Snack Industry


Founder Keisha Smith-Jeremie, disrupts the applesauce industry with sanaía, the re-imagination of childhood treats for adults. While the rest of the category was focused on kids, Keisha seized the opportunity to cater to adults who wanted to enjoy applesauce without being subjected to pouches or uninspired flavors.

Growing up in the Bahamas, Keisha fell in love with fruit. While attending University of Virginia, she missed the flavors of home so she created an exotic new spin on a classic snack. Starting with crisp Granny Smith apples, each flavor is blended with plant-based ingredients and island-inspired fruits like Guava, Hibiscus, Tamarind, Ginger, Blackberry, Lavender and Pear.

Currently a $900M market with 99% of the spend focused on children, Keisha believes that applesauce is ready for the kind of disruption that grew yogurt from an 8BN category to 125BN. sanaía is the only applesauce with real apple wedges and has all the makings of the next 1BN entrant to the adult snacking category.

Keisha developed sanaía with the goal of creating a healthy snack. sanaía APPLESAUCE is perfect for vegans and adult palettes that are craving delicious snacks that are organic, low calorie, GMO free, gluten free, dairy free and allergen free: “I created sanaía because I believe that what we eat provides us with the fuel we need to live the life we want.”

Keisha’s entrepreneurial journey has been transformational. Her first time pitching to investors was on ABC’s Shark Tank! Not only did she secure an investment offer from business mogul Mark Cuban, but her episode went viral sparking conversations about ‘the unique sacrifices involved in the entrepreneurial journey for people of color.’ sanaía APPLESAUCE is available at Walmart stores and Amazon Prime with its Unsweetened and Guava flavors. To find a store near you to purchase sanaía, visit tastesanaía. com.

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