Entertainment Publicist Turns A Successful Real Estate Investor After Penning An Article Branding Atlanta

Christal Jordan
Christal Jordan

Christal Jordan spent the last ten years as one of the most in-demand entertainment publicists and journalists in the southeast. As the owner of Enchanted Branding & Public Relations a boutique entertainment agency, Jordan earned a living creating opportunities and hob-knobbing with Black Hollywood’s rich and famous.

A single mother Jordan says the flexibility of her job was one of its many perks, but it didn’t offer her and her two children an opportunity to live the lifestyle of her clientele. Jordan continued her work in entertainment but knew she needed to make a move in order to create the future she wanted for her family.

Like many Atlanta transplants, Jordan realized that the city she’d adopted was making major changes. She penned an article for a national magazine noting the cities’ newfound international brand identity. The piece titled, “Atlanta boosts its international status and brand” attracted the eye of Larry Wu, founder of UC Asset, an international real estate investment company committed to becoming an integral part of the city’s new development. The firm secured properties in North and West Atlanta for the company’s portfolio, resulting in growth from $2 MM of AUM to almost $10 MM of AUM in only three years, and its net equity has grown from $1.16 per share to about $1.49 per share. Wu reached out to Jordan and asked her opinion on the city’s upcoming growth strategy. Several conversations lead to Jordan becoming the company’s ‘Investor Relations Director’ and the rest is history.

“Coming on board with a real estate investment firm a year before the company goes public has been hectic but I’m so excited. I’ve been able to see the importance of real estate investment in my own life. So many Americans slaving at a nine to five or even a nine to nine and they put their money in their bank or in their safe thinking they are being responsible. I wish more people understood how investing wisely can change their economic status. I come from a background of helping celebrities fix their image and position them for more opportunities, but today I get to help the average American position themselves for a better financial future and that feeling is amazing,” Jordan says proudly.

After a successful mini-IPO, UC Asset is scheduled to be listed on OTCQX, a national public market where the stocks of many giants, such as Adidas, Heineken, Air Canada, and Walmart Mexico are also traded. The trading symbol of UC Asset is UCASU, and its initial trading price will be $2.00 per share.

“Ironically the article I wrote about the brand of Atlanta was one of my favorites because it’s been so exciting to see how Atlanta has transitioned into this metropolitan powerhouse. We’ve become the new Hollywood, the new corporate capital and so much more, while still maintaining the rich history of the city. Atlanta is the birthplace of civil rights, it’s one of the few cities where minorities and women are consistently in positions of power. UC Asset is one of the few firms that support the city’s history and culture and is striving to create opportunities that celebrate that foundation,” Jordan explains.

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