“End Gun Violence: Step Forward” to Hold Community Forum

The Savannah Chatham Metropolitan Police Department’s End Gun Violence: Step Forward initiative is holding a Community Forum next Wednesday.

The forum is for Savannah residents who have a criminal record, convicted felons who are returning to the community after incarceration and community members who want to have a voice about the violence occurring on our streets.

The event will be held Wednesday, June 29 at the Moses Jackson Center, 1410 Richards St. from 4-6 p.m.

Project Manager Dr. Maxine Bryant said, “We are holding this forum to hear from people who are directly impacted by gun violence to discuss possible resolutions. We want to hear from them and get their perspectives about why gun violence is escalating and how the community can help reduce it. This also provides us with an opportunity to assess their needs and begin to identify ways to address their needs.”

The Savannah Chatham initiative to End Gun Violence: Step Forward is an approach that targets the most violent groups and gangs members who are responsible for a majority of the shootings and homicides in our community. This approach tells gang and group members to lay down their weapons. It also gives them the option to seek help from community organizations to receive counseling, job training, and other services to help turn their lives around.

For more information Visit: scmpd.org/EndGunViolence

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