Empty Shelves Mean Empty Tummies

Food drives are a crucial resource for America’s Second Harvest to supply food directly to people in need as well as all to provide the food needed by all of the other non-profits in our area that are food bank partners in the fight against local hunger.

Currently, however the food bank is operating with 85% less in food donations and the shelves are bare.

According to Mary Jane Crouch, executive director of America’s Second Harvest, “We are truly worried that we will not have enough food to support our initiatives to relieve childhood hunger as we go into the new school year. Our community is always amazing in responding to the needs of others and we really need help right now to stock the shelves.”

In an average year, approximately 300,000 pounds of food (of the more than 8.1 million pounds distributed) are donated through food drives to sustain people in need of hunger relief in our area.

The food bank needs donations of non-perishable foods, especially canned foods like peanut butter, beef stew, soup, meat spreads, tuna, salmon, chicken, ham, beef-a-roni and ravioli that are particularly challenging for lowincome families to obtain.

“Since I’ve been with the food bank, this is the first time we have ever been out of green beans and corn; both staple items are usually in plentiful supply.” said Crouch.

For more information about food donations or conducting a food drive to alleviate hunger in our community, please visit www.helpendhunger.org or call (912) 236-6750.

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