Edna Jackson Will Keep Us Moving Forward

Mayor Pro Tem Edna Jackson
Mayor Pro Tem Edna Jackson

During her years on City Council, Mayor Pro Tem Edna Jackson has worked with municipal leaders from around the nation. She is a past chairperson of the Chatham Municipal Association, board member of the National League of Cities (NLC), past president of the NLC Women in Municipal Government, member of the NLC Leadership Council, a director of the Georgia Municipal Association (GMA), and past president of District 12 of the GMA.

As a leader in these organizations, she has developed relationships and discussed municipal government issues with officials. This experience will certainly help Savannah as our city government seeks new and innovative ways to manage our limited resources. These relationships will also be helpful as we seek to be competitive in the global marketplace, and bring jobs and other economic development opportunities to Savannah and the entire region.

Edna Jackson promises to provide positive, consensus building and progressive leadership for the City of Savannah. With our help, she will bring us together and promote a sense of unity in Savannah.

Her bid to be elected Mayor is supported by a majority of African American ministers, local business leaders including the Chamber of Commerce and organized labor. Mayor Pro-Tem Jackson has represented us well and we, at The Savannah Tribune, join these leaders in wholeheartedly supporting her bid to become our next Mayor.

Jackson, who has served as a member of City Council since 2000, grew up in Savannah and graduated from Alfred Ely Beach Senior

Edna Jackson Portrait by Christine Hall
Edna Jackson Portrait by Christine Hall
High School. She earned her bachelors at Savannah State University and her masters degrees through a joint program at Savannah State and Armstrong Atlantic. She worked as an administrator at Savannah State for approximately 30 years.

Considered one of Savannah’s more popular elected officials, Jackson is noted for her relentless work ethic. Her involvement with our neighborhood organizations did not start a few weeks ago when she became a candidate for Mayor. She has consistently attended neighborhood meetings throughout the City for more than 10 years. Jackson said she wants to continue an aggressive and balanced approach to reducing crime in order to make Savannah safer. “We must be aggressive in enforcing our laws, while also working to combat the problems of poverty and despair which often leads to a life of crime,” she said. She promises to continue the Town Hall meetings, and is committed to making City government even more responsive, transparent, and accountable to the citizens.

We want to continue the tradition of professionally managed, fiscally sound, progressive government that has helped Savannah prosper, and we believe that Edna Jackson is by far the best candidate to accomplish that goal. She would also represent our city well in local, state, national and international affairs.

Savannah needs a proven leader to serve as Mayor. Thus, we hope that you will vote for Edna Jackson on Tuesday, December 6 and make sure that your family members, friends and associates vote for this proven leader who is prepared to keep us moving forward.

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