Edna Jackson Could Bring Us Together for an Even Better Savannah

Supporters pray for Edna Jackson as she kicks off her campaign
Supporters pray for Edna Jackson as she kicks off her campaign

In the November 2, 2011 edition of The Savannah Tribune, we recommended that our readers vote for Edna Jackson for Mayor of Savannah. The race included six candidates, five of whom are well known in the Savannah community.

We are pleased that most of our readers heeded our advice and voted for Edna Jackson. She received 37% of the total vote and led the field of six candidates. The Tribune readers who did not vote for Jackson voted for one of the two other African-Americans who were candidates for Mayor. Both of these candidates were eliminated on November 8, and we must now select between Edna Jackson and Jeff Felser in the Run-off Election on December 6.

One of the issues raised during the campaign was the lack of unity in Savannah. Of course, we have always questioned the validity of this as a legitimate issue for the mayoral campaigns. It is difficult to recall a period in Savannah’s history when there was any more unity than there is right now.

Even so, if we accept the fact that Savannah needs a Mayor who can get people to work together, Edna Jackson is clearly the right choice. Jackson has a history of working with people from every social and economic condition, as well as all ages, races and religions. Her campaign volunteers and contributors include people from every corner of Savannah. She received the highest number of votes because people from every community voted for her.

Edna Jackson has the intelligence and leadership ability that we need to bring us together and keep Savannah moving forward. During the heated campaigning before the voting on November 8, Jackson did not launch any personal attacks against the other candidates. She avoided negative campaigning.

Instead, she talked about her qualifications and her vision for Savannah that includes job creation and labor force development, crime prevention and public safety, fiscal accountability, environmental protection, as well as infrastructure and drainage improvements.

She promises to maintain open lines of communications with the citizens of Savannah and the leaders of other governmental bodies such as the Chatham County Commission, the Board of Education and surrounding municipalities.

Edna Jackson is the candidate who could get us to work together for an even better Savannah.

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