Edna Jackson Announces Candidacy for Mayor

Edna Jackson is surrounded by supporters as she announces her candidacy for Mayor
Edna Jackson is surrounded by supporters as she announces her candidacy for Mayor

Surrounded by a large group of supporters from all sectors of the Savannah community, Mayor Pro Tem Edna Jackson made it official that she is a candidate for Mayor of Savannah. The announcement was made on Tuesday March 22 in Forsyth Park.

“Many of you know me and know my service to Savannah as a city councilwoman for the past 11 years,” Jackson said. She continued by reminding her supporters that during those years she worked hard to always be accessible, accountable, responsive and trusted by all the people in our community. “I will continue to focus on those goals when I am mayor,” she said.

Jackson identified her top priority for next four years as job creation. “I plan to support and partner with the efforts of the Savannah Economic Development Authority, our business communities, locally and throughout the state, other governmental bodies and our education system, to ensure that Savannah continues to grow and progress and attract more businesses and jobs like those provided by the new Mitsubishi plant, the expansion at Gulfstream and, yes, the deepening of our harbor for the Georgia Ports—because this must be done.” Jackson said that she is proud that Savannah’s city government is fiscally sound because of the long-range work the council has done in the past years. “We balanced the budget, refused to raise taxes, and lowered the millage rate back to 12.5, at a time when other communities were forced to make cuts to their police force, fire fighters, and in other positions in order to make ends meet. We did not, and I will work not to do that,” she promised. Jackson identified crime prevention as her number two priority. “We have seen recent reductions in crime in Savannah, but we must never become complacent and look away. I will work to make sure that all citizens and visitors in our historic city feel safe on the streets and in their homes.” Jackson said that she would be a good steward of our environment and infrastructure.

She called Savannah an “urban forest” and pledged to continue to protect the trees and step up maintenance of roads and sidewalks, while also continuing to improve the drainage program to keep the neighborhoods free from flooding. “I will continue our recycling efforts, and look for new ways to conserve energy,” she added.

Throughout her brief remarks, the candidate was interrupted with applause from her well wishers. They were especially enthusiastic when she said that citizens must know that their city government is run efficiently and that it is open and fair. “The government must help provide the quality of life in Savannah that attracts new growth and new business.” She continued by saying that it is most important that the person in leadership is a consensus builder who genuinely cares about our city, loves her, and serves as an ambassador by promoting Savannah as the hostess city of the south.

“We are a diverse community. We have to work together and focus upon opportunities where our community is united.” Jackson ended her remarks by saying that she believes that she is the person to lead us to these goals, and bring us together for Savannah’s future by being a mayor for all of Savannah.

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