Editor’s Note: A Salute to Carver State Bank

With this edition, The Savannah Tribune pays tribute to Carver State Bank. Founded February 23, 1927, Carver is an 85-year-old African-American-owned bank that continues to prosper in spite of tremendous obstacles that have plagued minority-owned banks and other businesses throughout the years. Carver is one of only 28 African- American-owned banks in America.

The Savannah Tribune is noted for its many successful special editions. They provide a vehicle for advertisers to support the newspaper while saluting events and institutions of major significance to the African-American community. Further, these special editions document major positive developments in Savannah.

The decision to publish this special edition saluting Carver State Bank was an easy one. Carver is a pillar upon which much of the economic and civic progress of African Americans in this area has developed. Under the perceptive leadership of Louis B. Toomer, Lawrence D. Perry and Robert E. James, Carver has become one of the most significant businesses controlled by African Americans in Southeast Georgia. The bank brings a measure of reality to the dreams of African-American citizens for its participation in the American Free Enterprise System as business owners… not just as consumers.

The majority of the bank’s customers are African Americans and the bank provides loans and other financial services for these individuals. However, its significance to the community extends far beyond its financial services. Carver’s directors and staff have always been thoroughly involved in almost all aspects of life in the Savannah community. These individuals have demonstrated an active interest in the uplift of the community. Truly, the commitment of Carver’s officers and directors to customer and community service has grown since it was founded.

Thus, it is with great pride and deep respect that The Savannah Tribune salutes Carver State Bank for 85 years of SERVICE, LEADERSHIP and SUCCESS.

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