ECHOS Inc. at SSU Says “I’m Proud and I’m Pink”


Eloquent Commitment to Helping Our Sisters (ECHOS), Inc. is a student organization at Savannah State University whose mission is to be positive role models, help to boost self-esteem, improve self-image, and promote self-respect through community service, seminars and other enhancing activities.

Founded in fall 2010 by Ms. K. Lynn Trice and a group of ambitious young ladies, ECHOS Inc. is new among student organizations on campus but big in their efforts.

This year ECHOS is excited to bring a wealth of exciting activities to Savannah State University (SSU). In September, they coordinated Wells Fargo and Bank of America on campus to engage students in dialogue about financial literacy and making smart financial decisions.

For the month of October, their focus is Breast Cancer. “I’m Proud and I’m Pink” is inspired by their desire to raise awareness about breast cancer on campus.

Every Wednesday during the month of October in the student center, they will sell ribbons and give away free pamphlets to the collegiate women and men of SSU on Breast Campus.

All proceeds will be donated to All Working Women in Need (AWWIN), Inc. Last year they served as the eloquent female student greeters during the annual 100 Black Men Gala.

This year ECHOS Inc. schedule is sure to enhance the professional and personal development of all students throughout the beautiful campus of SSU. ECHOS Inc. consist of 27 members under the leadership of campus advisors Dr. Keenya G. Mosley and Ms. Davida Harris.

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