Ebenezer Creek: One More River to Cross

Love-It-Productions is proud to present the production of Ebenezer Creek: One More River to Cross. This play will be presented May 7- 8 at the Liberty County Performing Arts Center, Flemington, Ga.

Ebenezer Creek is a location in Effingham County Georgia where hundreds of freed black slaves were abandoned during General Sherman’s march during the American Civil War. After the army had crossed over on pontoons the commander in charge of the crossing, BG Jefferson C. Davis, cut them loose, leaving the escaped slaves on the other side. Many drowned while trying to cross over.

Written and produced by Hinesville native Donald Lovette, this production is an adaption of that story. Show times are 6pm on Saturday, May 7.

The Red Carpet event is Sunday, May 8, 5pm. Lovette recently presented Guilty as Charged at the AME Church Annual Conference in Savannah. He is the writer and producer of several successful plays in the Hinesville Community. For ticket information, please call Donald Lovette at (912) 312-0669.

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