Easy Natural Ways to Boost The Immune System

Carolyn Guilford, CNC
Carolyn Guilford, CNC

Get through the winter in great health, no colds, flu, even in company of persons with the sniffles and other ailments. You can fight this stuff without even trying. Here is what you need to know. Certain lifestyle changes can boost your immune system, including:

Washing our hands thoroughly and often with soap and warm water, particularly before eating and before and after using the bathroom. This reduces the number of organisms that can enter your body.

Cooking meat thoroughly to kill dangerous bacteria and other microorganisms, However, no amount of cooking can kill the bacteria in pork.

Eating a healthful diet. Lots of fresh veggies and fruit: in season and local provides the nutrients to fuel a healthy immune system.

Getting at least eight hours of sleep every day — deep sleep stimulates and energizes the immune system.

Life in the Sunshine – Gives us the natural vitamin D3. Low levels of this essential vitamin is linked to every known illness, disease and disorder, including mental illness.

Maintaining a healthy weight — being overweight can lead to a weakened immune system. Many toxins are stored in the fatty tissue, in man and in meat.

Exercising at least 30 minutes most days of the week — physical activity stimulates the immune system and helps with weight maintenance or reduction.

Consuming alcohol moderately — while one drink of red wine does not appear to affect immune response, having more in a short period starts to impair white blood cells’ functioning.

Sugar — 100 grams of sugar, the amount in one 12-ounce can of regular soda, can reduce the ability of white blood cells to kill germs by 40 percent, for up to 5 hours!

Smoking — the toxins in smoke leads to lung cancer and other cancers, and also weakens the immune system.

Reducing and managing stress, such as effective time management, rest, solitude, meditation, music, yoga. Long periods of feeling stressed weakens the immune response. Laughter and fun decreases stress and increases the type of white blood cells that fight infections.

Social connectedness – strong relationships and a good social network is found to be extremely important to your physical health as well as your mental wellbeing – and certainly your immune system. All of these are the kinds of behaviors you control, focus on these, to boost your immune system. Of course, there are things out of our control, such as genes and family histories, but if we incorporate healthier patterns into our daily living, we increase the likelihood of better health. Genes are only 5% of less of the equation. We are living changing organisms, and we can get better, just as soon as we decide to.

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