East Broad Street Is A Georgia Family-Friendly Partnership School Award Finalist

East Broad Street K-8 School has been named as a Georgia Family-Friendly Partnership School Award finalist. This award is presented through the Georgia Family-Friendly Partnership School initiative with the Georgia Department of Education (GaDOE) to Title I schools that have gone above and beyond to create an environment where families and community members play an active role in supporting the school’s success.

GaDOE launched the Georgia Family-Friendly Partnership School initiative in the summer of 2010 to assist Title I schools, families and communities in working together to create welcoming environments that lead to increased student achievement.

A welcoming environment increases family engagement which, in turn, helps students earn better grades, graduate from high school, and enroll in post secondary education.

The application committee, including Principal Kimberly Chappell-Stevens, special education teacher Bryce Bell-Byrd, media specialist Bridgett Clarke, sixth-grade science teacher Vickie O’Donnell, and Kindergarten teacher Sandra Wolff, submitted school data and an essay detailing East Broad’s efforts to engage parents and community members.

Applications were judged by a panel of educators, parents, and community members from across the state. Judges considered the physical environment, personal contact between school staff and families or community members, communication efforts, and school practices and policies before selecting 10 finalists.

Principal Kimberly Chappell-Stevens said the selection as finalist is an important motivator for her school. At the beginning of the school year, she set a goal with the leadership team to focus on increasing parental involvement by inviting parents into the educational process.

“It shows the school recognizes the significance of having the community and parents partner with us for the success of our students,” she said. “We want parents to see themselves as an extension of the school staff where they are involved in the instructional programs.”

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